Whitney Vanderslice

Managing Partner

What do you do for Rekruiters:

A little of everything. Projects never end when you are building a company. And while I do have to manage the overall business, we have such great leadership and back office teams I still get to speak with clients on a daily basis. I never want to stop doing that. I think I am better at everything else I do with the business because I am in the marketplace every single day speaking with our clients and candidates.

Experience in staffing/consulting:  

Staffing was my first real job out of school in 1998.  I worked at what is now the largest staffing firm in the world. I left in 2001 with this crazy idea that with three years experience I could found my own firm.  There were four of us in a 500 square foot space in Chicago.  Somehow it worked.  We grew it to a $100 million organization in just a few years which was so much fun.

I sold my shares in that organization in 2012 and began our venture capital company VC5 Partners and create our new vision: Incubate specialized, boutique style recruiting groups that offer candidates and clients much more expertise in specific areas than the average generalist IT or F&A staffing firms offer.  It has been a blast.  I have had one career and it’s been the best!

First job ever:

Lifeguard. It was awful. I wasn’t allowed to talk to people!

What makes Rekruiters / Devvelopers great?  

People and culture are the top priorities. Profits are a byproduct of a great company culture.  

What are you surprisingly good at?  

Swimming.  Which, of course, lead me to the mistaken conclusion that I would be a good lifeguard.

Favorite part of your job:   

Seeing great companies and great people come together.   When people we place get promoted and grow with the companies where we place them, it gets me excited. When we place consultants who complete a project early, I know we did a good job.


Running / Chasing my kids.  Skiing.  

Advice for people looking for a job:  

Someone you know or will meet can help you get your dream job so put yourself out there.  Talk to friends, neighbors, old coworkers. Ask them what recruiters they use.  You never know where the job will come from.  I can’t tell you how many clients I have met or people I have placed from the neighborhood pool, restaurants, church or social gatherings.  I once met a new client on a five minute train ride in Chicago. A friendly hello between two stops on the train can be all it takes to find your dream job.

Favorite quote:  

“Don’t wish the stage away, because it will gone before you know it”  – Patty Jackson   

Why should a client/candidate work with you?   

I am passionate about what I do. Our goal here is to build the best specialized staffing groups in the industry focused on quality, speed and delivery.  I go to work every day with that goal in mind. I’ve managed small and large companies and I believe we have incorporated the best of both.  We’re flexible and specialized like a boutique, but have tightly integrated processes like a larger company that allows us to create quality services.

Where you were born and where you’ve lived:  

I was born in Hinsdale, Il.  

I have lived in Chicago, Houston, Lubbock, and San Jose, Costa Rica.


Texas Tech – Go Red Raiders


Midas – Twelve year old golden retriever.

Favorite sports team:  

I can’t pick only one!  Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs (This is the year!) , Houston Astros, Texas Tech Red Raiders and I do like the Texans…when they win?!  

Star Wars or Star Trek:  

Wars – love Chewy and Yoda – who doesn’t?

Batman or Ironman:  


Xbox or Playstation:  

Neither.  The question should be Nintendo or Intellivision.