Thaïs White

Director of Operations

Experience in staffing/consulting:

I am the Director of Operations for VC5 / Rekruiters / Devvelopers.  I keep the place running.

First job ever:

Receptionist at the International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa).

What makes Rekruiters / Devvelopers great?

Hard work is recognized. Opportunities to grow in this company are endless.

You would be surprised to know I…  

I am a polyglot. (English, Dutch, and French).

Favorite part of your job:

I’m constantly learning new things. It’s never groundhog day in the office for me.

What are you surprisingly good at?

Organizing! I love creating order out of chaos. Of course, at home that means no one can find anything because I keep rearranging everything. (If you’re quiet enough you’ll hear my husband sigh).

Advice for people looking for a job:

Find something you’re passionate about and pursue your dreams.


Painting. Playing chess. Relaxing in the hammock. Traveling.

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

I strive for perfection in everything I do.

Favorite quote:

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

I make sure this office runs as smooth as a new car pulling off a car dealer lot, even if the day starts off like an old wagon bouncing over cobblestones.

Where you were born and where you’ve lived?

Born in Belgium. Grew up in Burkina Faso (West Africa).

Causes you care about:

Relief and Development work in Africa.


German Shepherd (Zoe), African Gray parrot (Echo), and a Beta fish (Sushi)

Favorite sport:

Soccer but I only watch the World Cup, then I’m happy to take a four year break from the sport.

Favorite sports team:

Belgium Red Devils (We’ve never won a world cup, but that doesn’t stop us from competing!)