Katie Hammons

Recruiting Consultant, Rekruiters IT

Experience in staffing/consulting

I began with Rekruiters IT in 2013. I specialize in software development and ERP systems.

First job ever:

I worked at a boutique.

What makes Rekruiters / Devvelopers great?

The people are great.

What are you surprisingly good at?

Sewing. It is a lost art.

Favorite part of your job:

Getting to make connections with a lot of different people.

Favorite quote:

Be the good.

Advice for people looking for a job:

Don’t overthink it, the right opportunity will come along.

Where you were born and where you’ve lived:

Fort Bragg, NC- Fort Lee, Virginia- Fort Hood, TX- Port Neches, TX- Frisco, TX- Fort Lauderdale- San Antonio- Lubbock- Beaumont- Houston.

Why should a client/candidate work with you?

I try to invest in my candidates so they will invest in me!

Batman or Ironman:

Batman- he’s cuter

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

I love helping people find positions that help them grow in their career.


I hate to admit it but I’ve been known to binge watch reality tv. I think that is also why I like politics so much.  Technically the same thing?  Prior to joining Rekruiters I made door to door visits pitching my favorite candidates. I like predicting political elections. Sometimes I’m right.   

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

Finding them great talent.


Harley, a dog


Lamar and Texas Tech

Favorite sport:

Fave sport to watch – football. Fave sport to play – volleyball

Star Wars or Star Trek:

Star Trek?

Xbox or Playstation:

PS2, Nintendo 64