What do you do for Rekruiters?

I focus on marketing efforts around the company brands as well as recruiting new internal talent. As we’ve grown, those two jobs have taken up more and more of my time. However, I believe it is imperative to still pick up the phone and talk to our clients and candidates regularly. We believe every person who works here is better at their jobs if they have some interaction with our clients and candidates.

Experience in staffing/consulting:  

After five years at a national staffing firm I left to start my own firm in Chicago with three others, one being my future wife.  It was an incredible experience to watch a firm grow from four people in a room to a company of over $100 million in revenue.  

In 2012 we sold our shares and decided to focus on incubating specialized staffing groups through our venture capital company VC5 Partners.  Since 2012 we’ve funded Rekruiters IT, Rekruiters Finance and Accounting, Rekruiters Energy and Devvelopers.  The great thing about each of these groups is the people who run them and the people who work there have a stake in their company’s success. So the service you get is that of someone who sees long term benefit comes from building a quality brand.

Developing these groups has been the most rewarding part of my career thus far. We have incredible leaders and incredible leaders on the rise. I could not be more excited about the people I work with.

First job ever:

My dad loaned me enough money to buy a small herd of cattle when I was ten.  Besides getting some free 5:00 am labor for his own herd (which he conspicuously mixed in with mine, of course), he taught me about running a business.  Greatest life lessons ever.

What makes Rekruiters / Devvelopers great?  

The people who work here have a direct stake in the company success. It changes the way we look at the company and the business.

What are you surprisingly good at?  

I’m crashtastic at snowboarding.      

Favorite part of your job:   

When someone looks at me and says, “Don’t worry Phil, I’ve got this.”  It is just awesome to see competence and confidence intersect.


Running just fast enough that the slow bus doesn’t catch me in marathons.

Advice for people looking for a job:  

Don’t rely on email to get you a job. Pick up the phone and call the person you want to work with. We get thousands of ad responses per week and just a few phone calls.  The people who call get both a resume and a chance verbally to tell us why they are a good fit for a job.  Imagine email doesn’t exist and you’ll find that dream job.

Favorite quote:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Why should a client/candidate work with you?   

Our number one rule is “Be Good.”  Which means to us “Be a good person and be good at your job.”  It might sound a little simplistic, but in this business, such a simple rule can keep you on the right path.


University of Texas at Austin

Where you were born and where you’ve lived:  

Born: Arkansas.  

Lived: Austin, NYC, Chicago, Houston


Midas – everything he touches turns to gold… dog hair

Favorite sports team:  

Sadly, the Cubs and the Bears.

Star Wars or Star Trek:  

JJ Abrams

Batman or Ironman:  

From what I can tell, Ironman runs a much more innovative business.

Xbox or Playstation:  

I went on a Madden ‘96 binge nourished only by Cheetos and Mountain Dew.  I haven’t bought a console since.