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It’s a fact that candidates with a video interview get more interviews. If you want to set yourself apart, there is no question you should take ten minutes to answer four questions.

Recording the interview gives you the chance to detail your highly specific background and not have it filtered by a recruiter. While we believe we do a great job of describing you, no one can tell someone what you do best better than you! So give it a try today. It works and it is worth it.

1. Don’t have anything else using your camera such as skype. You need your camera. You may need to restart without it.
2. Dress appropriately and be aware of what is behind you.
3. Be aware of background noise.
4. Email if you have any problems.


Save yourself hours of phone screens. Our clients have told us the efficiency of our video interview process saves them time.

We do not have a recorded interview for every candidate. Some prefer not to do them. However we think you’ll agree that for the ones you see, it gives you a much better sense of the candidate than even a phone screen and you do it on your own schedule.

For more information on video interviews, contact us.

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